About Us

BrooklynLice.com is a sister company of the (mostly) Brooklyn based Area brand, which includes Area Spa, Area Yoga Studios, Area Kids toy stores, and Area Kicks & Cuts.

With BrooklynLice.com, we hope to offer hair care options from our Area Kicks & Cuts children’s shoe stores/hair salons.

We’ve built this website for three reasons:

    1) We see a need for our services in the Brooklyn neighborhoods we serve: As lice outbreaks are frequent in pre- and elementary schools, parents need a place to turn to both learn about and get rid of lice.
    2) We want to educate you about effective lice prevention and removal methods, so that you can make the safest and healthiest decisions for you and your little ones; likewise, we want to quell your worst fears by dispelling the most common myths about lice.
    3) We want to introduce you to the Lousebuster™, a safe, effective, and all-natural (NO chemicals) lice removal method. We wouldn’t be sharing this (previously) well-kept secret if our lice removal experts didn’t agree on one thing: IT WORKS!

Check out our Lice Removal Services page to find out more.